Noah Sarucia

Love. You immediately established love in your classroom. It was a love for being in the same space as those who have shown up. The first time I felt love for my mind was in the space of the classroom you created. You introduced me to Memmi. And with that began, my journey for self-love and recognition. 

Pride. When you spoke with us, you were proud of us. You looked into our eyes. You shook hands with our hearts. You wanted us to see ourselves in ourselves. And you guided us through deep introspection with gentle care and tenacity. 

 I remember wondering “will I ever be as strong as Asma?” You taught me that women are strong. Defined by their own ways. Not in comparison. Your unwavering high expectations and belief in what each of us was capable of demanded of us to be strong. I learned I am strong. 

 From class meals hosted in your home to you being at my wedding, you are my family. Your teachings feel familial. Your words are familiar. Your dedication to learning how to make Tunisian cuisine – Shakshuka. You are my mishpcha.