A collection of letters from Ithaca College students celebrating Asma Barlas as a teacher and scholar, on the occasion of her retirement.


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A response from Prof. Barlas

Dear Friends-Students-Colleagues:

I am overwhelmed by the words you’ve shared here about me and am still struggling to see myself in them. What I do know is that, if you’ve seen me in the ways you have, it’s also because you allowed me to mirror something of your own selves back to you. Your search for meaning, your intellectual curiosity, your openness to difference also shaped my nearly 30-year long journey of self-discovery. Like you, it also required that I dismantle some parts of myself along the way because of the push-back I got from many of you. So, I see this page very much as a collective portrait, the best gift you could have given me. A special thank you to Ulises, my life-companion, for having arranged it.

—Asma Barlas


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